Q. The ID from my photo sticker is not working
This could be due to a few reasons. If you took the photos recently check back in a bit, as sometimes the reception is not great in the dealers room. If you took the photos on a previous day, then it is likely the upload failed. While we do our best to ensure all photos get uploaded, sometimes things are a bit out of our control.

Q. How much does it cost to use this site?
OOPix is completely free. Just enter your photo ID and download all of your photos!

Q. How long will my pictures be here?
There is no expiration date! Your photos will be here as long as you have your code.

Q. I lost my printout, is there any way to get the code again?
We do not hold onto any personal information on this site, so if your photos are lost before you were able to record your ID, we have no way to retrieve them for you.

Q. Is there any way to remove my pictures from the site?
If you would like your photos removed from the site, please email with your ID and we will be happy to remove them.